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Cpc Scene Links

FutureOS The fastest OS under Amstrad CPC

WebRing: hub
The amstrad cpc web ring

Phenix Informatique, toute une passion
Site generaliste (forums,articles,...), en Francais il est incontournable

CPC Oxygen
Web Fanzine and Magasines can be read on line - 464, 664, 6128 emulation, games and demos
Amstrad cpc web ressources

A/SCD - Amstrad/Schneider CPC Department
Games, utils, Demo ressources

Información sobre emulación para principantes - Emulation for beginners
Spainish web site, a lot of hardware explanations

La página de Amstrad CPC/CPC+/PCW
A Spanish web site with interesting utils and A Java Emulator on line

The Unofficial CP/M Web Site
A CP/M software ressource

Digital Research Binary Files
A CP/M professional software web site index
Index of /ftp/pub/cpc
An Amstrad FTP mirror

LIBDSK homepage
A unix library to manage the DSK image file

Dirty Main
A Demo band they also created a RS232 interface

Dugas Families - Familles Dupas
All about create a game on a PC

Perfect CPC emulator
All about the emulation

An utility to create Adventure Games

D.I.Y "Codemasters CD"
How to play game with a CD player
The web site of the Loriciel french company
The web site of the Lankhor french company
The web site of the Cobra Soft french company

Les progs utiles d'Erteqa
A personnal web site with utilies

A Game ressource site with good pictures

GrosPixels - Le 1er site 100% français consacré à l'histoire des jeux vidéo
Site generaliste concernant les oldies

The official Home Page of the CPCng Project

CPC-HardWare - Site sur les Bidouilles H/W pour CPC
Site francais generaliste mais avec de bons articles Hardware

Futurs' Freegare Diffusion - Le Site Internet
Fanzine Quazar, Demo, Hardware ...Une reference

le repaire de Fenyx Kell
Some great Demo Games

The Z88 Development Kit
z88dk - The z88 Development Kit

Ron's Amstrad PCW Page
A good PCW page

The amstrad games review in picture

T.A.C.G.R. - Welcome
The reference about Games

A great site if you want to program under CPC

The Amstrad "Cartridge Software Demonstrator" Page
An unbelivable machine

Thogas Scherrer Z80-Family Official Support Page
Informations about Z80 CPU

Z80 Documentation -
Informations about Z80 CPU

Incontournable Concernant la memoire informatique

Information on the Z81 processor
Informations about Z80 CPU
A personnal web site concerning the Amstrad

CPC emulator for X11
A great emulator for Linux

An Amstrad web site for revues and development

Index of /ftp/pub/cpc
An Amstrad cp FTP mirror

Index of amstradstuff
Amstrad cpc related stuff

All the documents for AMSTRAD CPC

Index of /germany/amstrad/cpconly
A utilities ressource site browse into if it's interesting

Sim City - Infogrames
SimCity for CPC

An cross assembly compiler

Linux/UN*X tools for ROM collectors
Linux/UN*X tools for ROM collectors

ROM World | CPC ROMs | 0-9
An Amstrad ROM ressource Web site

ROMNation.NET - Amstrad Roms - 0
An Amstrad ROM ressource Web site
C Language Ressource for CP/M

LUnix Homepage
Linux portage on Commodore !!!

Site rappelant les bons vieux softs!!!

PCW Joyce Computer Club

CP/M- and Amstrad-related stuff
CP/M- and Amstrad-related stuff

Index of /cpm/cdrom/CPM/BDSC
A C for Amstrad Ressource web site

Pour vous contruire votre propre alimentation CPC

Le vieux manuel
Ou retrouver de vieux manuels de jeux et d'utilitaires

welcome to my Web Site --- I supply, when available, machines, software, spares and hardware for the PCW, CPC and +4. -- Disc conversions are a specialty -- Hello and welcom
An area where you can buy Amstrad items

Francis' OS-X Realtime Operating System Page
Kernel of the Future CPCNG - Amstrad CPC resources
A Hardware Web site, IDE interface, Soundplayer .... You must see it

Nich Campbell's Amstrad CPC home page
A personnal web site

RamROM box Website

Como conectar una unidad de 3.5" a un Amstrad 6128
A great Hardware explanations web site CPC and PCW

Historia de los programas españoles para el Amstrad CPC
A historical web site which explores the Spanish Realisations

ftp service
Amstrad FTP mirror

A Amstrad CPC web site ressource with screenshots

Arnold Jnr
A JAVA Emulator on Line
CPC EMU web site EMulator for PPC, Linux, UNIX and Windows

Homepage of Domes-DOS, Domesdos
A personnal web site with some good realisations
This script will generate tags for z80 assembly language

CP/M Main Page
CP/M softwares ressources

Amstrad CPC 6128 pokes, programs and letters I contributed between 1988-1990.
A personnal web site with POKES and Utils

Martin Zacho's personal homepage
a personnal web site, with cpc hardware projects

The Trailing Edge of Technology - Amstrad CPC
A great site where you can see documentations about cpc, ie : ROMDOS, CPC FIRMWARE ...

CPC Reviewer
On line Games Review

French Demo band, you 'll find some great utilities

Personnal web site where you can download utils, games

A Linux tool to transfert DSK file on real floppy